Find a college apartment in NYC

Online Apartment Listing Websites:

NYUStudentRent website. can help university students with local trustworthy landlords renting apartments for short term 6 months to 2 year rentals. StreetEasy: StreetEasy is a popular platform that lists apartments for rent in New York City. You can filter searches based on your preferences and budget. Zillow and Trulia: These websites offer extensive listings for apartments in various neighborhoods. You can set filters to narrow down your search. Another widely used platform that allows you to search for apartments based on location, price range, and amenities.

College Housing Services:

Check with your college's housing office or student affairs department. Many universities in NYC provide resources and assistance for students looking for off-campus housing. They may have listings, recommendations, or even partnerships with local landlords.

Bulletin Boards and Local Ads:

Visit bulletin boards on your college campus or in nearby community centers. Local businesses sometimes post apartment listings, especially in neighborhoods with a student population. Explore local newspapers or community magazines, as they often have classified ads for available apartments.

Real Estate Brokers:

While it's common for apartments in NYC to be listed directly by landlords, you can also consider working with a real estate broker. They can help you find apartments that fit your criteria, although be aware that they may charge a fee.

Networking and Social Media:

Join social media groups or forums related to your college or NYC housing. Sometimes, students post about available rooms or seek roommates in these forums.

Walk Around Neighborhoods:

In some cases, landlords may advertise apartments with signs outside the building. Take a stroll through the neighborhoods you're interested in, and you might find "For Rent" signs.

Housing Apps:

Explore apps specifically designed for apartment hunting, such as RadPad, HotPads, or RentHop. These apps often provide real-time updates on available listings.

Attend Housing Fairs:

Some colleges organize housing fairs or off-campus housing events where landlords and property managers showcase available apartments. Attend these events if your college hosts them.

Remember to start your search early, be prepared with the necessary documents for renting, and be cautious about potential scams. Additionally, read reviews or get recommendations from other students who have rented in the area you're considering.